Agapé Department
The Agapé Department will attend to any matters related to the provision and preparation of agapé for any Emmaus SONflower related event.
Communication & IT Department
The Communication & IT Department is responsible for the communication and IT related matters including the maintenance of this web page.
Entertainment Department
The Entertainment Department is responsible for the entertainment of the Emmaus SONflower Comunity at specific events and occasions.
Finance Department
The Finance Department is responsible for any financial related matters, receiving donations or sponsorships and any other related queries.
General Administration
The Administration Department will attend to complaints, queries, suggestions or any other general administration and management related matters.
Music Department
The Music Department will attend to any matters related to the worship team, music-, multi-media- and sound equipment or any other related queries.
Outreach & Marketing Department
The Outreach and Marketing Department will attend to queries, requests, suggestions or any other marketing and advertising related matters.
Prayer Requests & Testimonies
We have a dedicated group of prayer intercessors that will pray for your specific prayer request. You are also welcome to share your testimony with this group only or preferably with all the members of this website via the dedicated "TESTIMONIALS" link underneath.
Registration Department
The Registration Department will attend to any matters related to registrations, cancellations or change of address.
Spiritual Support
The Spiritual Support Department will attend to any spiritual related matters.
The weekend that I attended my Walk to Emmaus, my whole life was changed. I have no words to describe God's love and my experience... all I can say is it is a spiritual journey that everyone should witness! It equipped me to stand out for Christ in HIS unfailing love. I have a more intimate relationship with God and I know I will never be the same as before. He makes me new every morning and renews my strength, I am nothing without HIM! Glory be to HIM, forever and ever!
Posted 22.03.2018 by -
I have seen miracles and experienced the Holy Spirit in many ways, but I have never ever experienced the love of God in such a wonderful and intense way. What an experience! Emmaus has changed my whole life - especially my relationship with our Heavenly Father!
Posted 18.03.2018 by -
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